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5 Reasons Why You should get an MPV Car

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Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV) are well-known for being the best of both worlds. They are convenient in transporting passengers and luggage, comfortable for their spaciousness and not to forget their stylish appearance.

Here are some reasons why you should consider getting an MPV for yourself:

Practicality & Durability

Toyota Alphard Velfire
One of the recommended MPVs – Toyota Alphard Vellfire

Nothing feels better than buying a car that meets the practical standards, especially an MPV. With sliding doors, you’ll have fewer worries about accidentally hitting a neighboring car.

No matter the distance, they are suitable for travel journeys with either your friends or family members. They are great in most traveling conditions except for bad terrains. Nevertheless, it’s one of the options for you to tackle the trail. So don’t be afraid to get down and muddy!

Seating & Capacity

Velfire seats
Image from Toyota

For some people, space is everything. You’re in luck! MPVs are known best for their various seating layouts. There are the seven-seaters (2-3-2), eight-seaters (2-3-3) and nine-seaters (3-3-3).

From these layouts, you’ll be able to fold or adjust the middle and rear seats according to the occasion. Such as providing legroom for everyone to sit back and relax during travel journeys.


Vellfire backseat move up
Image from Paultan

Ever thought of moving homes but you’d prefer to do the moving yourself? Well, most models have foldable rear seats to accommodate such occasions. In some cases, you can even remove the rear seats entirely to free up the necessary space you need. You can take your time in moving your items from one place to another. On the other hand, you’ll get to save some money from hiring movers.


All car buyers have a basic expectation when it comes to car safety. An MPV is built with a stronger structure to withstand different types of car crashes. Furthermore, you’ll be able to find the latest safety features installed to alert you of any hazards efficiently. Thus, your safety will be covered to a guaranteed extend.


car mileage

You’d think that an MPV’s fuel consumption will be higher due to its larger design. However, some have built-in hybrid technology to lower the fuel consumption rate for each journey. You’ll be surprised, it may be even lower than smaller cars.


Nowadays, it’s not hard for you to buy an MPV due to its popularity in the car market. However, purchasing one may take a toll on your wallet unless you’ve done proper budgeting. It’s always wise to commit to something you can afford and not the latter. Which leads you to the question, “Will I be using the MPV to its fullest?”.

If you’re serious about getting an MPV but not sure which to choose? Malaysians typically go for these Best Belling MPV brands – ToyotaPeroduaProton, and Nissan. You can browse through our website for a wide selection of used MPV cars. If any of them catches your eye, you can make an appointment with us for a test drive. 

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