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What is myTukar Guaranteed?

Buying a car

Buying a used car can be a great saver for your wallet. However, due to the wide selection of used cars available in the market, you wouldn’t know how to choose! In this situation, it’s advisable to go with a car that has perks to it. Well, you’re in luck! myTukar offers myTukar Guaranteed cars, which you’ll enjoy premium coverage when you buy a car from myTukar.

myTukar Guaranteed

mytukar used cars

Money Back Guaranteed

We offer a wide selection of used cars on our website for you to choose from while providing a Virtual Reality (VR) experience for those who prefer to view their dream car from home. 

Once you’ve selected the used car of your dreams, you can make an appointment for a test drive with us. You can check the car’s condition more thoroughly during the test drive. Once you’re satisfied with everything, you can proceed to payment. However, if you don’t have enough cash, you can opt for a car loan. If you decide to change your mind on the purchase, you can return it to us within 5 days of the purchase and get a refund.

Quality Guaranteed

Our used cars have gone through an extensive 360-inspection which you can request the report from our myTukar’s sales representative. In the report, you’ll be able to identify car’s condition (car information, interior, exterior, underbody, under the hood and road test). You’ll get an overall insight of the car’s condition. Thus, this will prepare you to make the necessary repairs once you’ve purchased it.

You can bring a trusted mechanic with you on the car viewing date to ensure you don’t miss anything important. It’s best to get as much as you can during the session. Everyone knows buying a car is a big move, especially a used one!

1-Year Warranty

Of course, you’ll expect an after-sales service to be in the bag after purchasing your dream car from us. With that said, we’ve got you covered with a 1-year extended warranty. The warranty covers various services from mechanical, electrical repairs of the engine, transmission, braking, airbag, and aircond repair.

For more detailed information on myTukar Guaranteed, don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales representative.

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  1. Hi i got a car alfa romeo 155 but its not in running condition to one replacement needs fixin but i wana get a new ride. Is it acceotable for my tukar to accept.

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