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How to sell your car in Malaysia

You’ve decided to sell your car and upgrade to a better one. When you sell your car to myTukar, everything will be taken care of. But if you want to do it yourself, all you have to do is follow these 3 easy steps:

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1 Settle your loans

If there’s an outstanding loan, there are two ways to sell your car. First, you pay it off before the car is transferred to the buyer. The buyer then can take a loan to pay for the car if they cannot pay for it upfront. Another option is to have the buyer apply for a loan and have the respective banks deal with the loans. If the new owner’s loan does not pay off your loan, you will have to pay the difference.

2 Puspakom inspection

A used car can only be sold with certified Puspakom inspection forms. You will need to bring your MyKad and original vehicle ownership certificate (VOC) aka car grant. You will also need to fill in several forms. These are:

  • B5: Fill in this form if the buyer is buying a car that has been fully paid off in cash.
  • B7: Fill in this form if the buyer is buying a car with a bank loan. The B5 form is still required.
  • B2: Fill in this form if your car’s road tax has expired for over a year or if the owner is deceased or living overseas. 

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3 Transfer of ownership

To finalise the transfer, you need:

  • Your MyKad
  • Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC)
  • Full name, MyKad number and address of the new owner

You will then need to fill in the JPJK3 form. Together with your other documents, submit this form at the counter and complete a biometric authentication (thumbprint scan) to complete the process. The JPJ officer will provide you with a confirmation slip. The new owner will use this confirmation slip to complete the car ownership transfer. If you cannot physically pass the confirmation slip to the new owner, a clear digital copy is accepted. 

The new owner can then go to a JPJ branch with his MyKad and the confirmation slip. There the new owner can complete the JPJK3 form the biometric authentication to finalise the car ownership transfer!

Online transfer of ownership

If you do not fancy a long wait at the JPJ office, you could do the transfer online. But first, you need to get a reference number from a JPJ branch. Once you have that, you can visit the MySikap portal to begin the transfer.

Seller’s transfer steps

  1. Log in to MySikap and select KENDERAAN on the homepage
  3. Enter the required information:
    • Your name
    • Your email address
    • Your car’s registration plate 
    • The new owner’s name
    • The new owner’s email address
  4. Submit your application. Don’t forget to save or print the confirmation slip!

Buyer’s transfer steps

  1. Log in to MySikap and select KENDERAAN on the homepage
  3. Enter the vehicle’s number plate and click next
  4. Fill in the required information on the Vehicle Declaration page (Pengisytiharan Kenderaan)
  5. Complete the payment to complete the transaction
  6. Print out the confirmation slip and take it to the nearest JPJ office to collect the new VOC.

And that is it! The car is transferred!

Cars with special conditions

If your car has one or more of the below conditions, there are several differences in the transfer process.

Car owned by a foreigner or expatriate

For foreigners who wish to sell used cars in Malaysia, the car’s loan must be completely paid off prior to sale. The car can then be inspected by Puspakom. In this case, the B5 form will be used. 

E-Hailing cars

To sell your e-hailing used car, you must first inform your e-hailing company. The company then notifies the Land Public Transport Agency to cancel your permit. Only then can the car be brought to Puspakom for the usual inspections.  

Company cars

For company cars, the process is the same as the private seller’s requirement. However, there are more documents required when it comes to selling a company car. The forms required consist of company registration forms 9 or 13, as well as form 49. You will also need to prepare:

  • A copy of the director’s identification card
  • Company authorization letter for ownership transfer at JPJ
  • Motor disposal resolution letter
  • Company to company sales invoice (if applicable)

Sell your car to myTukar Hassle-free

And that is how you get a car’s ownership transferred. If you want a hassle-free process instead, you can choose myTukar and get:

  • Free inspections
  • Fair and transparent pricing within 24 hours
  • Paperwork taken care of
  • Instant payment upon sale

What are you waiting for? Book a free inspection with myTukar today!

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