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How to get a myTukar car delivered to you?

Buying a car

Convenience is everything these days. Due to the pandemic, we have heavily relied on the internet for convenience, from accessing information to buying essentials. Therefore, it is safe to say the web has played a huge part in our lives. At myTukar, we are all about convenience. Do you know you can actually purchase a car online, feel the interior and exterior via VR and expect the car to arrive at your doorstep? These are all done while you are at home. Isn’t it amazing? In this guide, we will show you how to get a myTukar car delivered to you via different channels without any complications.


mytukar car delivered

Firstly, you would have to browse through our website and pick your preferred vehicle, view the car’s interior and exterior fully at your convenience. Once you have decided on your ride, you may proceed to ‘book a test drive’. After we have received your details such as your name, mobile number, preferred date and time to view the car, our team will get in touch with you to confirm your appointment. When you have done all the car registration procedures and made payment, you can expect your myTukar car delivered to you in no time.


lazada shopee online mytukar test drive used car

Ecommerce channels are one of the easiest ways to browse and buy products. It is impossible for myTukar not to bring convenience to our customers. Either Lazada or Shopee, you can browse our many car options which suit you. Next, be sure to proceed payment of booking fee and provide your necessary details. Our customer experience team will contact you as soon as possible to have your myTukar car delivered to you.


mytukar car delivered

For a more human touch, you can always WhatsApp to 018-224 9999. Our retail team will assist you in your car buying journey from A-Z, ensuring you enjoy a peace of mind. That’s it, isn’t it simple? There is no need to head out and search for car dealers yourself, let myTukar do all the work.

Buying a car

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