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Buy a myTukar car via VR

Buying a car

In this day and age, virtual reality (VR) is all the rage. At myTukar, we believe in using the latest tech to bring value to our customers. One may get into a simulated experience that can be similar to the real world. Having said that, our customers need not step out from their homes and they can basically ‘sit’ inside the car to get the full experience. So what’s holding you back to buy a myTukar car via VR? Read on and you can thank us later.

Step 1:

buy a mytukar car via vr

Firstly, visit our buy car site and browse through your favourite car models.

Step 2:

buy a mytukar car via vr

Once you clicked on your preferred ride, it will lead you to this page. Next, click on the bottom left ‘360 view’.

Step 3:

buy a mytukar car via vr

Once you are in, you will get to experience our cars in 360 view. Click on top left ‘View Interior’ for a full VR experience.

Step 4:

buy a mytukar car via vr

You have made it to the driver’s seat. Now you get to decide whether this car fits your lifestyle.

Proceed to car registration and you are done. We will deliver your ride to you. And this is how you buy a myTukar car via VR. Need to get in touch with our team? You may WhatsApp 018-224 9999.

Buying a car

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