7 best car accessories you need

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When talking about car accessories, you shouldn’t be thinking about items that serve only as décor but will serve great functionalities that fit your needs. Here are some of the best car accessories which are worth purchasing for your car:

Best Car Accessories

Car Dashcam

car dashcam

Nowadays, modern cars are equipped with collision sensor systems to prevent drivers getting into accidents. However, sometimes accidents can’t be avoided – it just happens. In this situation, having a dashcam can be a life saver when it comes to claiming who is at fault and also act as a reliable justification for your car insurance claim.

Car Purifier

car purifier

It’s a global trend to have a car purifier in your car (of course, it’s because of the pandemic and not for aesthetic reasons). This helps in decreasing the chances of you catching the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). Remember, your car is poorly ventilated unless you leave the car door open or windows wound down for long periods of time. As such, there might be unwanted bacteria living in there. Thus, do your best to keep yourself sanitized at all times, or you can disinfect your car from time to time. Although you may have gotten your two vaccine shots, it doesn’t guarantee you won’t get the virus entirely. You may get it but with a higher rate of surviving it. 

Car Hooks

car hooks

This is the most traditional practical accessory you would need to get for your car. You can never go wrong with hanging your packed away meals or even groceries on it. It’s easier to lift items from this height compared to lifting them up from the car floor.

Phone Holder

phone holder

It’s advisable to have a phone holder if you’re heading somewhere, and you’ll need to use a navigation application from your phone. You can opt to get the ones with a suction feature at the bottom for more sturdiness. Best to place it on the right side of your windshield – to get an eye view of the application while you’re on the wheel.

Retractable Sunshade

retractable sunshade

A retractable sunshade is an upgrade from the foldable twist and turn sunshade (which can get frustrating, especially if it doesn’t stay closed). This upgraded version usually comes with two suction cups that you can place on either end of your windshield. Useful when your car is parked in an outdoor area which the heat may cause your windshield to crack. This lessens the chances of that happening.

Trunk Organiser

trunk organiser

Trunk organisers are the best item to exist if you’re looking to declutter the car trunk. It comes in different sizes with different compartment designs to prevent your items from getting damaged from rolling around while driving. You can organise your car essentials such as engine oil, coolant, or jumper cables. Everything will be in one place, making it easier for you to find them. Other than that, it can also be a great way to sort your groceries.

Portable Vacuum

portable vacuum

Lastly, you can’t leave out the portable vacuum as one of the best car accessories. Super practical for getting rid of debris that’s been lying on your car floor taunting you. Vacuums used to be big, heavy and wired. However, now you can find them in hand-held sizes, light and are wireless. You can recharge them by using a USB cable rather than having a hard time finding an electrical socket to plug it into. Most importantly, it fully charges in a matter of minutes. The downside is, its battery span may not last as you expected it to be.

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