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Car Dashboard Cleaning in 4 Easy Steps

And How to Restore it


Cleanliness is important at home and at your workplace to prevent the accumulation of dust and potentially dangerous germs and pests. But let’s not forget the cleanliness of your mobile home. One of the oft forgotten parts is ironically in full view: the car dashboard. Follow the steps below to keep your car dashboard clean.

What Can I Clean My Car Dashboard With?

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Before you start cleaning, you need these things to make your car dashboard clean again:

Step 1: Dust Your Car Dashboard And Centre Console

Prepare a bowl of water and add a gentle cleanser, then place your microfibre material into the bowl. Wring the cloth until water does not dribble off. Gently run the cloth over your dashboard and focus support. This activity will lift the heavier particles of tidy and grime off the dash. Clean your cloth when needed and repeat until your dashboard is clean.

STEP 2: Bring Out The Interior Cleaner

If your dashboard is covered in grime, use an inside cleaner. Use an interior cleaner on a clean microfibre cloth, and then rub the cloth over your car dashboard to clean it. Anything that remained after your initial dusting should be removed by this.

STEP 3: Use A Vent and Dash Brush To Clean Car Dashboard Knobs

As good as your microfibre cloth is, it cannot get into the tight spaces and grooves between components. Use your vent and dash brush and run it over the dashboard handles, hand brake, vents, radio, and some other grooves and spaces where grime have stuck to. Use a delicate touch when running the brushes over these parts to protect sensitive parts from scratches.

STEP 4: Add Shine To Your Dash Using Polish

Now that your car dashboard is clean, you can include a smidgen of sparkle to give your car a brand new appearance. This process is direct: add a little polish onto a clean microfiber material, and then rub this fabric over the super-clean dashboard. There are various types of polish ranging from sparkling to gleaming. You can pick the polish which suits your tastes.

Keeping your car dashboard clean is only one component in maintaining it. No matter what you do, your dashboard will slowly degrade due to heat and sunlight. This can dull the surface and action will need to be taken.

What You Will Need to Restore Your Dashboard

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cleaning eraser (any erasing item with melamine froth)
  • Automotive dashboard cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Baby oil
  • Paper towels
  • Dashboard protectant

Restoring Your Dashboard

The first thing you need to do is take one of your cloths and wet it with cold water. Use your wet cloth to wipe down the dashboard, cleaning it of all surface dirt. If there is any ink on your dashboard, soak another material in rubbing alcohol and delicately wipe down the affected zones. Rub any scrapes on your dashboard with a wet cleaning eraser.

Then, take your car dashboard cleaner and splash some on a clean cloth. Wipe your whole dashboard down with the wet cloth, beginning from one end working your way to the next. Be certain to scour any dirt or stains you come across and don’t hesitate to reapply the dashboard cleaner to the cloth as required to totally clean the surface.

Now, the time has come to clean the glass and plastic parts of your dashboard. Sprinkle some glass cleaner onto a microfibre cloth and clean the covers on the odometer, gas gauge, and radio. Apply infant oil to a paper towel, and rub the markers’ covers with the paper towel to fill in any minor scratches. Finally, apply your dashboard protectant on a clean cloth and rub the protectant onto your now clean dashboard to include a UV-safe covering that will help counteract scratches, dings and inordinate warmth and sun harm. You have now effectively restored your dashboard.

Step by Step Instructions to Remove Scratches on the Plastic Inside of a Car

It doesn’t take long for plastic parts situated in the inside of a car to wind up noticeably damaged with scratches. As scratches on your car’s plastic surfaces can make the inside look old and unloved, it might be wise to remove them. Shallow scratches can be removed with only a couple of basic supplies. But if the scratches are more akin to deep gashes, you may need to replace the plastic.

To remove the scratches, use a cleanser-warm water mix to wash the scratched area. Clean the area well with a cloth. If the plastic is finished or extremely grimy, utilize a delicate brush to remove the remaining dirt. Flush the cleanser and dirt away with clean water then leave it to dry.

And that is how you keep your car dashboard clean and restore it! If you want a more professional touch, leave it to us! myTukar offers comprehensive and professional after-sales services. You can pick and choose between our services to suit your needs. You can also browse our website for your dream car!

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